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Apr 29, 2010

Against the Flow

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Noynoy says that should he lose the elections, there will be a massive people power movement to protest the results.

Lets not go ahead with the elections then as its a noynoy or nothing choice. Let's just crown him king of the Philippines and be done with it.

On a related note.. Noynoy vehemently denied having any problems up THERE in his coconut shell.. Out of all the presidentiables however, noynoy was the only one who didnt want to undergo a mental exam before the elections.. O_o that's freakin' weird..

Come to think of it, IF noynoy is the best qualified person to lead our country out of this shithole.. Shouldnt he already have distinguished himself in his past jobs? Shouldnt his supposed 'greatness' and 'heroism' already have manifested itself waaay before his mother died, his popularity rating hit 60% and before he decided to run for president??? O_o

We know Gordon lifted Ologanpo out of its post pinatubo and post american occupation doldrums and received a host of international awards because of it.. We know bayani transformed marikina from a 3rd class/rape capital city to one of the best in the Philippines.. We know binay reaped rewards and recognition for what he did for makati city.. We hear of Mar Roxas playing a part in the Cheaper Medicines Act.. even Erap has the law making the Carabao as our national animal under his belt.. What of Noynoy? O_o what of his laws?... His awards?.. his achievements?.... take out all the hoopla about him being the son of Cory and Ninoy and what do you have? O_o

We at least take the time to interview yayas and see what their qualifications are before we entrust them with our children.. Do we entrust our children's future, the quality and cost of their education, the availability of jobs for them when they graduate, the peace and security of their future homes to someone who just happens to have the right set of parents but hasnt done anything in the past to show that he WILL BE capable of handling the highest office in our country??

We at least take the time to read up and learn about the features, specifications and good points of expensive products like cellphones, laptops, cars, homes, etc.. before we buy them.. well, our country's next 6 years is definitely more important than all of the gadgets above. Do we entrust the office of the President to someone who has: 1. authored 0 read ZERO laws while he was a senator, 2. received 0 read ZERO awards for all positions held previously and more importantly 3. 0 read ZERO experience in handling or making prosperous a region, city or even a BARRANGAY.

People are saying however that HE is the man for the job because he has a name to live up to, because he is the son of ninoy and cory. It's as if the presidency of Cory was the Golden Era of our country - as if the country was corruption free during those years.. as if the country's progress skyrocketed after the EDSA revolution..

If the eradication of corruption is his primary platform, why are there many corrupt trapos in his party? If our votes are decided by the probability of someone not becoming a corrupt president as opposed to someone who has the ability of leading us as a nation into the future, then a kuhol (snail) should've ran for president.. I'll vote for it.. Probability wise, a snail has a lower probability of becoming corrupt than him.

Think back really really carefully and ask yourself if post- EDSA revolution were better days.. if that's the measuring stick that noynoy plans of living up to then we might as well slit our throats now for things are gonna get really really worse..

[ps: if you happen to be a noynoy supporter and you disagree with this post, please dont use foul language, noynoy sob stories or any other drama laden lines in reacting to this post, there are already many forums and social networks for those fluff.. instead, please enlighten us non noynoy supporters with FACTS - achievements and awards he may have that we're not aware of, qualifications, experience, etc - proof that he can handle the job. Who knows, you just might convince me to give him my vote]

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