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1. Survey firms denied trying to influence how the people would vote come election day. hmmm...

Well, I have news for you survey people.. [drumroll...] Your survey results ARE influencing the public. Duuuuuuhhhhhhhh!! O_o

You people above all should know that the public is bombarded by survey type advertisements everyday! It's a competitive positioning strategy! Ask those who swtiched to Colgate because 9 out of 10 dentists use this brand or those who switched to Smartbro because of the survey called the Speed Test Challenge or those who started taking Charantiya because 8 out of 10 or something Filipinos have or are at risk for diabetes.

Do they mean to tell us there's someone out there paying P100,000 per question just so we'd KNOW where the presidentiable's stand??? O_o I've heard of some pretty rich guys blowing money away buying drugs and women.. but sponsoring a survey just so we'd KNOW how things are??? O_o

If you guys insist on keeping up this 'public service', at least please let us know the methodologies you used, the accuracy of having 1800 people represent a country of 50M voters and who paid for the survey.

and why is the media playing wide eyed-innocent regarding this matter when they know very well survey results DO influence public opinion?? Hello??? i can still remember the blood and the gore that flew around during the last best TV station survey.. O_o

These blatant lies, hyprocrisies and half-truths are disgusting!

2. Comelec rejects proposal of parallel manual count of votes - says this would muddy the election process and make things a lot more complicated.

Don't these guys get it?? O_o This is not about the efficiency or simplicity of the election process for god's sake! It's a manifestation of the public mistrust of you COMELEC guys plain and simple! we've seen how you guys fucked up just about everything related to the elections what with the overpriced materials, faulty equipment and messed up ballots and we'd like to have at least a semblance of partial control over things just so the new election system doesnt buy the farm during your watch!

3. Arent we the most fucked up electorates this world has ever seen? I mean, we make the international news what with our very inspiring people powers and a few years later, we welcome back the very people we ousted or their descendants with open arms! O_o

Erap... Jinggoy... Bongbong Marcos..

Is our water supply being laced with amnesia inducing substances?? Are we really that forgetful or are we just plain STUPID?? O_o next thing you'd know, Gloria is back in power and Marcos is being hailed as the best president we ever had.. Maybe that's why our country is down in the dumps.. As soon as we do something right, we promptly forget about it and make the same mistakes again!

4. Why do our election system encourage the splurging of huge amounts of money by the candidates? I mean, can you imagine someone winning the presidency without the customary printing of a gazillion posters, streamers, flyers, stickers, and shirts? Can you imagine someone winning only through the sheer brilliance of his or her platform? the strength of character? Or the greatness of his or her track record?

By forcing our candidates to raise and gamble huge amounts of money in order to win, arent we compromising their integrity even before they step into power? Arent we forcing these future public servants into a tight corner where he will have to turn a blind eye to some illegal transactions in the future and not prioritize the people in his or her decisions as president just so he or she can repay a debt of gratitude to someone who donated for his or her previous campaign? Isnt the very structure of the election system itself a foundation for future corruption?

5. Every year, this country wails about corruption, poverty, lack of opportunities and the inneficiency of our government. Every 3 years or so, each and every one of us holds the power to change where we are heading as a nation. Each and every one of us are given the right to decide our country's future hand in hand with the responsibility of choosing those leaders well.. Every 3 years or so, the possibility of change comes... and goes...

If the recent surveys are any indication, the top 18 senators in the polls are precisely those we've already had for the past six years..

The top presidentiable in the polls.. well, if his past performance will (and should) be used as a basis.. it seems that we have to tighten our belts for yet another 6 years of stagnation..

Do you have children in school for the next six years? Are you hoping for a more competitive education, better teachers and better books for them?

Do you have a sibling about to brave distant shores in order to have a future? Are you hoping those opportunities would come here instead so nobody would have to leave home?

Are you hoping for lower utility bills? Peace and order in the country? A better justice system? A better standard of living?

Well Filipinos..

We are about to make our beds..

Let's hope we do not find it wanting when we lie down on it...

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