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1. The practice of siesta will be included in Philippine law..

2. Ragnarok will become the new national sport..

3. Noynoy joke books will become national bestsellers second only to Erap Joke Books..

4. Proof that Noynoy has psychiatric problems will finally surface through credible sources or noynoy himself when faced with first Philippine disaster.. only GMA and ABC network will show news..

5. Philippine solution to Global Warming / Climate change will be yellow ribbon plus praying the rosary with Kris..

6. ABS-CBN + survey companies' mind control tool will be upgraded for next election in 2013. Ako ang Simula will be renamed Ako ang Simula ng Panloloko..

7. Manny Pacquiao will stop thanking the president after winning his fights.. ABS-CBN will retaliate for Noynoy by showing survey result that Filipinos expect manny to lose the next fight..

8. Noynoy will crack from pressure and Mar will become president unless Gloria becomes prime minister first..

9. Shows with Kris Aquino will be increased to 60% of ABS-CBN's shows.. magandang umaga with Kris, magandang tanghali with Kris, magandang meryenda with Kris, magandang pagtae with Kris, etc. 6 years from now, we will know everything about baby james and josh.. Including their favorite toys, food, diapers, milk, etc. Average Filipino IQ will drop 30 points..

10. Nothing whatsoever will change in next 6 years except all of the above..

God Help us All...

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